“From my perspective, Ian is one of the brightest minds in service management today.

He has an uncanny ability to read a room, determine what will move an issue/conversation forward and then start leading in a way that gets people moving. The most important part about this is that he does this in a way which is highly engaging and impactful.
He’s got a ton of hands-on, practical technology experience and is not afraid of “getting his hands dirty.”
He’s also a solid writer, as evidenced by his work on the USMBOK and related publications.
All of these aspects of Ian I’ve described are great and I’ve had direct experience with.

His ability to communicate and help people understand how technology can help customers realize the outcomes they truly care about (or need to care about) is a real gift. If I had a product or service where I was looking to cause a breakthrough in results, performance and or cause an alteration in customer perception, I would be looking to have him on my team. You won’t find someone more capable of delivering this.

If you have the opportunity to work or collaborate with Ian, don’t pass it up! You’ll get way more than you’d bargained for and be better off for it.”

Kenneth ("kengon") Gonzalez

Research Director, IT Service Management, Gartner

“The USMBOK is an amazing achievement. Codifying what is in your head may sound like a good idea but try doing it; the size of the challenge for service management is immense.

For Ian to have been able to take the time to do this is one achievement, but to make it coherent is another entirely!   Ian has codified and documented a coherent body of knowledge for service management that is practical, clear, and that provides a genuine ‘how to’ starting point for the general, and IT service management professional. 

If I had a hat, I would take it off to him”

Brian Johnson (Original ITIL Author& Pioneer)

Chief Architect, ASL BiSL Foundation

“I have worked with Ian for over 10 years in a variety of contexts. I relied on Ian to deliver top quality ITSM education to our internal employees at IBM Global Technology Services while I was the ITSM strategy leader there. As a part of our curriculum to build ITSM consulting skills, Ian was the best ITIL course instructor because he would bring the material alive using real world examples and real world problems to solve. I could always tell a when a person had been through an Ian class or class from another provider. The ones that went through an Ian class understood ITSM. The others had memorized definitions and text book answers.

I worked with Ian in establishing US based ITSM credentialing that has now become standardized around the world.
I have also worked with Ian in the context of the development white papers, international standards and study group reports for ISO.
Ian is a thoughtful, thought leader. He brings his end to end understanding of ITSM to evaluate what is really needed to achieve desired results rather than the common, but not very valuable approach of merely teaching standard classes, developing the same set of process guides over and over again and attempting to “implement the framework”.

His focus has always been on solving business problems, adding value and meeting customer requirements. He has a wealth of knowledge and personality that contribute to his success. Ian is one of the best in the industry and I am thankful for all my interactions with him.”

Bill Powell

ITSM Governance, Booz Allen Hamilton

“The USMBOK is a tremendous body of knowledge that captures the essence of service management, its true customer centricity, and provides vital specifications for both a service system and organization. Its a must have companion to Lean IT” 

Michael A. Orzen (Author Lean IT, Shingo Prize Winner)

President, Mike Orzen & Associates, Co

“Today’s service providers are challenged by smart, savvy consumers who want providers that understand their needs and expectations. Being able to meet and exceed your consumers’ needs and expectations is essential for locking down their business. Business intelligence is the key.  At Lockheed Martin, service and support are disciplined engineering practices that take advantage of business intelligence driven by ITIL’s outcome based service design and Ian Clayton’s “outside-in”-based approach to demand management, and the secret sauces that enabled Lockheed Martin to continue to be the federal government’s number-one IT service provider.”

Dr. Shue-Jane Thompson

Chief, itSM Office, IS&GS CTO, Lockheed Martin Corporation

“… Ian Clayton is a genius! The USMBOK has made him semi-famous as THE “outside-in” thinker for how we should be conceiving, delivering, and retiring services, no matter what those services represent. His outside-in approach is the right approach. All too often, we look at services from the inside-out, which is myopic and often yields results inconsistent with the customer’s needs.

To deliver satisfactory results, a provider of a product or service must take the same outside-in approach. Build the internal complexity with that customer-centric goal in mind and insulate customers from that complexity.  Although universally applicable, the USMBOK is being heavily applied to information technology (IT) services and IT Service Management (ITSM) initiatives. 

Traditionally, ITSM has been the domain of the framework known as ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library).  I am a long-time advocate of the principles behind ITIL, but the USMBOK is far superior, and actually more concise in how it explains these principles and connects them for better outside-in thinking.”

Glenn O'Donnell

Vice President and Research Director, Forrester Research

“Ian leverages his rich and diverse background in IT service delivery and blends it with an renewed focus on the customer experience in a way that challenges traditional service delivery models.  Ian’s principles and guidance can help any service  organization to develop a strategy to deliver exceptional customer experiences in a practical and manageable way.”

Scott D. Dresen

Senior Vice President - Information Services, Spectrum Health

“Ian is one of the best Service Management experts I know, who brings outside-in thinking into IT-Organizations.

I worked with Ian during a USMBOK Workshop. He has opened me the eyes of how to look at services from business perspectives. He has deep industry experience and thought leadership in Service Management. He has a true entrepreneurial spirit and makes a difference in the success of Service Management. Ian understands teamwork like no other person I have worked with so far.”

Martin Andenmatten

Founder & CEO Glenfis Ltd., Glenfis Ltd.

“I worked with Ian while at Unisys on a number of key projects. He has deep industry experience and thought leadership in Service Management thinking – leveraging non IT concepts and methods in mainstream business within IT organizations to help them operate as a service provider.

Ian’s pragmatic and scenario based thinking was instrumental during client engagements and overall project success. His wealth of experience, professionalism and evangelistic approach is very instrumental for organizational success. I highly recommend Ian as a colleague and skilled service management professional.”

Manash Bhattacharya

Senior Manager Business Development, Unisys Corporation

“I first met Ian almost three years ago and was impressed by both the depth and breadth of his Service Management knowledge, but also the uniqueness of his perspective on it. He was a superb instructor for the initial ITIL material I first came into contact with him for, but his perspective on ITIL and both how it applied, did not apply, and where it was missing lead me to seek him out again when it came time for me to seek more in-depth education on Service Management. Rather than pursuing the ITIL Service Manager/Expert math I have been very pleased with following Ian’s CSMP direction instead.

For anyone looking for pragmatic and actionable ways to advance their Service Management practice, I highly recommend Ian as someone who can help bridge the gap between Theory and Practice. Particularly if you are already committed to an ITIL path enlisting Ian’s assistance might well be key to filling in many of the gaps which are needed to make real use of what the ITIL framework proposes.

I am always looking for opportunities with our Clients where I can introduce Ian into the mix since I am confident he will improve any situation he participates in.”

Russel Parker

President, Golden Ratio, Inc.

“Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you.  You are an amazing person that really shows great passion for your work.  You also blow me away with your knowledge and experience.  Truly amazing… The CSMP class was a great learning experience for me since I have so little opportunity to actually discuss my knowledge on the matter in the work place.”

Kreg Kowarsch

IT Director (Office of CIO), US Department of Homeland Security

I was Worldwide Professional Services Practice Manager for Peregrine Systems, ran CA’s Professional Services organization in the thirteen western states, and was product manager of CA’s Service Catalog before joining with Russ at Minerva Enterprises.   I have been on multiple speaking tours with ITIL v.3 Author George Spalding from Pink Elephant; peer and friend with Brian Johnson, ITIL v.2 author; peer and friend with Rob Stroud, ITIL v.3 mentor and ITSMF-USA board member.  I was Peregrine’s advisor to IBM, Bearing Point (KPMG), EDS, and others for development of their Asset and Service Management practice. 

Ian Clayton brings a level of pragmatic examples and experience to IT process training I’ve never experienced from anyone else. The only trainer who I’ve ever experienced that’s even close to Ian is Mahan Khalsa – the author of Helping Clients Succeed  – and, Mahan’s specialty is Consultative Sales.”

Cary King

Managing Partner, Minerva Enterprises