Outside-In Service Management

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This engagement involved a short series of onsite workshops designed to explain the key concepts and working elements of a customer centric approach to applying service management thinking,  provide a rapid immersion in ITIL theory, and then how to use outside-in thinking to progressively introduce the concepts into production.

The backdrop of this engagement was the implementation of a new platform for IT Service Management processes using the ServiceNow product suite.

The outside-in workshop components allowed for the selection of five commonly occurring customer situations, termed ‘consumer scenarios’, with staff working in teams to map, inspect, define the negative impact of current practices, and suggest improvements to the customer experience and known support practices.


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Key Deliverables

ITSM Immersion Based upon ITIL 2011

Fast paced exposure to the service lifecycle stages described within ITIL Edition 2011, ‘deep dives’ into key process areas such as incident, change, and configuration management, combined with explorations of key concepts such as the service portal, service catalog, and continuous improvement.


Problem and Impact Definition

Workshops on how to define potential and actual issues in terms of a problem statement, accompanied by one or more impact statements representative of each affected stakeholder community.

Outside-In Strategy

Design of a customer centered (outside-in) strategy and approach to propel a repeatable method to target, interview for, catalog, and inspect individual consumer situations – ‘scenarios’, and selectively apply service management thinking as part of a continuous improvement program.

Service Experience Maps

Through practical of hybrid customer journey mapping theory, the development of service experience maps for each of the selected scenarios.  The primary purpose was to allow staff to understand how to adopt an outside-in perspective when designing policies and procedures for key supporting ITSM processes.

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