Customer Centric Service Management

Executive Consultant

This was a project completed while employed as the senior executive consultant at G2G3 Americas.

The project spanned @120 days and involved the assessment and verification of any existing service management initiatives, and the establishment of a customer centric approach designed to address the leadership imperatives of ‘pace, quality, and cost’.

The project was a pilot, designed to prove the benefits of applying service management thinking within the IT organization on a limited scale, and included the enablement and stand-up of a Service Management Office (SMO) function using existing staffers on a shared time basis.

The pilot also included delivery of an IT Service Management PoleStar simulation event for leadership and first line managers to illustrate the impact of commonly occurring issues on customer activities, and the effect of traditional ITSM thinking.  For more information on the powerful influence of G2G3’s simulations please visit their website here:

Lockheed Martin

Office of the CIO, itSM Program, Gaithersburg, MD

Devon Energy Corporation is a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Devon’s operations are focused onshore in the United States and Canada.

For more information please visit the corporate website here:

Key Deliverables

Service Management Office

The creation of a Service Management Office function, including charter statement, procedures, and role taxonomy.  Design of an operating model and key artifacts for the SMO spanning a steering committee and leadership, service owner, service manager, and supporting process owner and manager roles.


Communications Plan & Engagement Strategy

Development of a short term communication plan for the SMO spanning the period of enablement for the SMO, and the working draft of a longer term plan for more wider use as part the long term roadmap.  Design of key artifacts to design and customize stakeholder specific engagement strategies.

Service Portal and Catalog

Detailed specification of a service portal, service catalog and service request catalog capability.  Emphasis on the request catalog with the option to amalgamate request groupings into larger service bundles and lines of service.

Outside-In Strategy

Design of a customer centered (outside-in) strategy and approach to propel a repeatable method to target, interview for, catalog, and inspect individual consumer situations – ‘scenarios’, and selectively apply service management thinking as part of a continuous improvement program.

Service Taxonomy and Service Portfolio

Metadata specification for a both a service record and a service portfolios part of a service portfolio management responsibility, and incorporation of both into the existing end-to-end application lifecycle policies and procedures managed by enterprise architecture, and configuration management plans.

Short & Long Term Roadmaps

Development of both a short term and long term roadmap for the progressive application of service management concepts and methods through operation of the SMO.  The roadmaps specified key artifacts and deliverables for a phased implementation service management system and supporting operational roles and procedures.

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