This is the definitive text on the elements of a service management system written in plain English.  It is a must for anyone in the service management professional looking for a singular guide to help them and their organization gain added value and improved organizational performance.

Kenneth Gonzalez

Research Analyst, Gartner

Guide to the Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK)

The foremost responsibility of a service management professional is to understand the working elements of a service management system and service organization, and how they inter-operate to manage the customer experience and produce successful customer outcomes.

Presented as a body of knowledge, the Guide to the USMBOK provides a comprehensive blueprint and vital reference to help the service management professional in successfully achieving this responsibility. The USMBOK defines service management as a systematic method for managing the provision of services to customers at a known quality and cost, focusing on the customer’s desired outcomes, service experience, and level of satisfaction.   In doing so, the Guide details the following elements of a service management system design:

  • The business planning & performance management frameworks
  • The enterprise, customer and service models
  • The 15 stages of a service lifecycle
  • The policy management framework
  • The governance framework
  • The service transaction engine
  • Supporting lifecycles that include: request, requirement, quality, asset, revision, change, release, event, and support

The Guide uses outside-in thinking to explain how diverse concepts such as journeys, portals, service encounters, scenarios, service requests, channels, touchpoints, interactions, moments of truth, and pathways, combine to provide the service experience.  The Guide also illustrates how to unbundle, inspect and identify performance gaps in the fulfillment activities, and use the to propel continuous improvement, and act as a transformation method for any organization wishing to become more customer centric.

Included in the Guide is a role continuum spanning the customer and infrastructure perspectives, comprised of 7 knowledge domains (key roles), and 42 knowledge areas (knowledge, skills and abilities or competencies).

The Guide to the USMBOK is an ideal reference for service management professionals of all service industry sectors.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 525 pages
  • Publisher: Service Management 101; 2012.03a edition (2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0981469108
  • ISBN-13: 978-0981469102