Practitioner Experience – Designed Deliverables

In his more than 35 years experience working with clients on service management initiatives, Ian been directly responsible for the specification, design and deployment of most of the key elements of a service management system and organizational setup.  This work spans procedural and policy development, metadata and database schema design, systems and services integration, and supporting processes for customer facing, and back office roles and responsibilities. All his work is compatible with the guidance of international best practices such as ITIL®, and the requirements of ISO/IEC standards, and includes the following areas:

Service Strategy, Roadmaps, Project Plans

Review, creation of service strategy documentation at the macro (systematic/organizational), and micro (service request) levels, definition of indicative timelines, alignment with technology plans, formulation, formalization, and authorization of the transformation journey roadmaps and supporting project plans.


Functional Backbone

Documented design of a service management functional backbone representing the organizational governance, role and responsibilities, and inter-function information flow to support a service provider operating model.   The functional backbone spans leadership, advisory board, service management office, service owner and manager, and process owner and manager.


Service Portfolio Management Process

Design and documentation of the service portfolio management and service lifecycle management processes, integration with any existing DevOps strategy, and enterprise architecture and application systems development lifecycles.  Including the incorporation of the service owner role and service management office operations.

Service Request Fulfillment System

Design and documentation of service offer, request, and fulfillment systems and supporting processes, including ‘shopping cart’ styled functionality, mobile access considerations, and integration with service portal, knowledge management, intelligent automation, and request catalog strategies.

Service Portal & Catalog Design

Responsive designs of customer centric service portal, service request catalog, service catalog, incorporating content management and knowledge management systems for digital consumer

Knowledge Base

Design of knowledge base schema and procedures for developing knowledge articles, incorporating user persona and meta keyword matching principles popularized by search engines, to portals, catalogs, and support customer support and self-help activities.

Service Experience Design Maps

Design of policies and procedures to document (map) the customer experience interacting with systems, staff, and infrastructure.  Incorporating concepts and proven best practices used in service businesses, such as journeys, stories channels, touchpoints,  moments of need, moments of truth, as well as systems to measure levels of customer satisfaction.

Service Support Processes

Design of ‘retail’ quality service support operations and supporting processes, incorporating service experience principles (human centered design), services integration best practices for hybrid (cloud and on premises) operations, and incorporating underlying work order management systems governed by service level and operational level targets


Role Playbooks

Creation and documentation of role playbooks for core responsibilities within the service management functional backbone, including: manager of the service management office, service owner, service manager, process owner, and process manager.


Digital Transformation Journey Planning

Creation of documented policies and procedures, transition and transformation plans, in support of organizational change from one managing infrastructure, to operating and being performance managed as a true service provider, meeting the needs of the digital enterprise, and expectations of the digital consumer.

Key Artifacts: Service Specific

Design of key artifacts including: service level agreements, operational level agreements, service management plan, service plan, service revision plan, service level requirements document, short and long term service management system roadmaps, operational policies, escalation and notification rules, and service strategy statements.

Supporting Processes

Design of supporting processes, including incident, problem, containment and workaround management, change (federated and local), configuration management, availability, event, and performance management, capacity and continuity, and requirements planning policies and procedures, service level management, document and record control management